Saturday, January 31, 2009


cAllll me.... =)


Fuck my last blog... I take it ALLLLL back!! -_-

Thursday, January 29, 2009


You think I dont know? I ain't stupidd.
Fuckkkkk you..

I'lll be nice about it. I don't wanna make you look like an ass in front of everybody






1. Ew mr van was PMSING this morning! Ugh Whattta betch!!
2. Drew pictures =)
LUNCH. Talked stories? OO Yum! Chickn was so good!
3. Finished my career report. Bubble shooter 8)
4. Group numbah 2 bah! Hahah so fun! - What is tuberculosis?
AFTRSKU. Went manapuaaa. Watched color gaurd. .. Delicious motha fucka c(8 ... "Where'd the fuck you come from? Wow. Can't force myself, but i guess i should try :]" Me april noli n nikki walked to jeremy's house. So fun! Made videos n literally "LMAO" while watching the boys play pillow fight. Hid Blake's shoes. Poo'ting. haha Decided to go jayr's house. 'Mom can u pick me up' HAHHAHAA lol funnny.Then taco belll n home =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ewlll. I wish errrrday was as cold as yesterday! -_-

1. Never did much work. Instead, Dolled Branden up! "Your like a little kid.. Look at those rosey cheeks" Hahaha. It was so funnny! He thinks putting on eyeliner on the top lid hurts!!! Omg -_- LOL!!! It was so funny watching him try to take it offf. Alll he did was make him look like he just got outtta a fight!! HAHAHAAAAAAA.

2. Yayyy. NON- READING DAY! Did a worksheeet instead. Eazzzy peeezy lemon squeeezy! =)

LUNCH. Took pictures. wasnt really in the mood though. Got alll irritated n mad after like 2 pics. Sorry i OA. :P Hahhahah, Nvmmmmind apro. 'SHE KUU SHE KUU' lollll. I guesss..!!...

3. Never played games today :] typing essays are kinna fun.. haha I just hate reflections n allla that shit.....

4. It felt like a fuckin 30 minute classs! Ugh, LOVE IT. "Why does it matter?" lol ewl april, forget that fuckn man-whore!!! :]

AFTRSKU. Taco-Smelllll. Then Zach's house. O0o Trampoline so fun! My mommm saw me jumping. hahahaaa. Were not spposed to smoke in the house but o wellls!... got alll light-headed from the AC. LOL :p If ya know whatttta mean. Brandy came. Went to Blakeys poool. Pictures n talked stories. Fuckn Ryan splashed water all over me!!! Like WHERED ALL THAT WATER COME FROM?! BOY IS HELLLLA SKINNY!! HAHAHA. Sucked on our whislte candy. Hahhaha "DRIED RAISIN" LOLOLOLOL SO DIX!!! HAHAA. You just had to be there!!!

Gahddd. I just love these days!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Welllll.. Here's a new vid! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm short cuz I'm Filipino?!


Ew Genki.

1. As always, Math was boring. Worked w/ tracy n lorenzo. N talked to branden n josh.
2. Eng. Read Speak again. Almost feel asleep... Again! Hahahhaa
LUNCH. Cold as Hellllll! Heated up some Pizza Rolls, N it started to rain -_- Planned to color my hair. LOL
3. Adv Gui. typed out an essay.
4. Bio. Favorite classsss! Didn't really do nothing but write. lol.

AftrSchl. -
Ugh. Genki piss me the fuck off. BITCHES! After all that fucken rip off n' bullshit went to Zach's house. Hahahahah how cute!.. G n Z ;) <3 lol jk. So funnnnnnn. Just got home. Hellllla tired. Gonna shower then sleep.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Other than schoool.. Today was fun! Afterschool went to Nolay's house wit the grls. Xcept Chascity. Made French Fries n Honey bbq chicken?. Deliciooooooous. ;D Got everyone addicted to my Bubble-Shooter game! CHARIZNUMBAH1 Hahahhaa. YOU KNOW BUTT HOE. Played Impossible quiz 1 n 2. Hhahaha so funnny when we got all the answers! LMAO. Caelyn left.. April n i helped Geraldine wit her Color Guard routine!!! Yayyyy. I hope she uses what we taught her! N i think we're gonnna watch them perform afterschoool... :D Yay.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exqueeeze me!

I think i'm sick, I needa Kleenex!!!!! HAHA.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Awwh, Family bonding..

Lastnight was fun! Went to the 5 o' clock mass at OLPH wit my family! It's beeen soo long since we last went. -_- I saw Brandayyy Nolaaay n Geraldaaayne! But i don't think geraldine saw me! Lol. After that we went to dinner at a fucken poor serviced chinese restuarant. Funny Fortunes! Haha.

Around 8:30 went Bowling at SchoField. Yayyy! Cosmic bowling! It wasss fun. Played 3 games. I never know my dad was THAT good. He made like 5 strikes in a row!! hahahaahahahah. Even my mom! she beat me! ahhahah!

We got home around 11. My sister Gee, re-pierced my ear! Fuckkken shit hurt like a betch! lololol. Helped my other sister Gen pack. N then i ended up piercing her ear! LOL at 230 we TRIED to go sleeep. But nooo. Our ear hurted like fuck. Had to wake up at 5 too! -_- "Does your ear have a heartbeat?"

They Woke me up at 530. Went to zippy's then headed to the airport! God dammmmn! It was like 50 something degrees! It was so cold.. Talked stories till she had to go in. We saw Dog the Bounty Hunter's son, Leland. Ewwwww. He looks so0oo much older! N his hair is fucken loooooong! My mom so embarasssing. She was yelllin out "leileens" Something liddat!!! But i told her his name was jacob.. It was so funnNYnNYnYYy! Hahahahha. It's a 'You had to be there kinda thing'. lol The rideee home was so sad! My sister was texting me, n i ended up crying.. ;( I misss her already! But Yayy! We're gonna see her in March or May. ^-^

Ehwhwghwgh. its like frickennnn 9 in the morning! I'm supposed to be sleeeping! Hahhaahh. I'm gonna go upload pics and go back sleep.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whatta relief!

Ugh. Old habits are comin' back. Went to school late. But thanks, Jesse for the ridee! =D Hahahahaa.

Algebra/Yeah. I fuckin failed alg. -_- So what. hah Worked wit Tracy n lorenz0. lol.

English/ Did our vocabulary thing. Hah i feel happy. I finished it for the first time ever! hahahaaa. Talked to tracy n meghan for a lil while. Told tracy to buy me food from the manapua.

Lunch/ Went straight to Mr. Yamashiro's office to switch my classes! YAY. Misohappy. After 2 days.. i hated Ms. Thomas's class already! So i switched to Komm. Bitch was ackin alll salty. Jeeez. "See you today!!!" BETCH. -Awwh. Chas never come schooool

Adv Guidance/ I miss everyone that was in mr. ramiscal's... Now it's just me davin n victorialyn! hahahaa. Tooook some l00ng ass quiz! Played my parking-lot game n' bubble shooter! So funnnnn. Mr. delos reyes is so coool. haha. o0o my bf was texting me =) LOL KIDDING. Meghan tracy n i ate our manapua. Rained super fucken hard or like a minute khhaaasdfdfljaskf. hahahahaaa.

Biology/ Ahhhh! Was getttin' nervous! But it turned out fucken way better than i expected! Sat at the coolest table ever. lol SAFUNNNNN! I don't even miss my old biology classss! >;p

Afterschool/ went to subway wit caelyn, den went to her house talked stories. den my sister n mom came to pick me up. o0o chad! HAhahaaaa.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Backkk to school -_-

Adv Gui/Delos Reyes

I HATE my period 4. >;[

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Went to Ala moana wid my sisters n brada. Browsed around. Ate at the food court. OMG there was this weird stink guy! He tried talking to me! O_O I think he was on something or some shit! So fucken scurrrry Hahahaha. Krippppning! After that, headed to Wards to watch Marley & Me! Cute movie! Loveeee it. Everyboddyyy ended up balllin! Even the guy next to mee!! Was so funny. I swore he cried more than me!!! HAHA. You could here everyone sniffing up their tears. or whateverrr. The movie reminded us of our dog Blackyyy! So saddd. LOL Dog lovers - Must Seeeee. :) *Cough cough* *CAELYN*. Supposed to eat at Menchi's but we forgot! LOL Now i waiting for my fajaahhhh to get home n go sleep so i can go PI. :P HOPEFULLY!

Friday, January 2, 2009