Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ewlll. I wish errrrday was as cold as yesterday! -_-

1. Never did much work. Instead, Dolled Branden up! "Your like a little kid.. Look at those rosey cheeks" Hahaha. It was so funnny! He thinks putting on eyeliner on the top lid hurts!!! Omg -_- LOL!!! It was so funny watching him try to take it offf. Alll he did was make him look like he just got outtta a fight!! HAHAHAAAAAAA.

2. Yayyy. NON- READING DAY! Did a worksheeet instead. Eazzzy peeezy lemon squeeezy! =)

LUNCH. Took pictures. wasnt really in the mood though. Got alll irritated n mad after like 2 pics. Sorry i OA. :P Hahhahah, Nvmmmmind apro. 'SHE KUU SHE KUU' lollll. I guesss..!!...

3. Never played games today :] typing essays are kinna fun.. haha I just hate reflections n allla that shit.....

4. It felt like a fuckin 30 minute classs! Ugh, LOVE IT. "Why does it matter?" lol ewl april, forget that fuckn man-whore!!! :]

AFTRSKU. Taco-Smelllll. Then Zach's house. O0o Trampoline so fun! My mommm saw me jumping. hahahaaa. Were not spposed to smoke in the house but o wellls!... got alll light-headed from the AC. LOL :p If ya know whatttta mean. Brandy came. Went to Blakeys poool. Pictures n talked stories. Fuckn Ryan splashed water all over me!!! Like WHERED ALL THAT WATER COME FROM?! BOY IS HELLLLA SKINNY!! HAHAHA. Sucked on our whislte candy. Hahhaha "DRIED RAISIN" LOLOLOLOL SO DIX!!! HAHAA. You just had to be there!!!

Gahddd. I just love these days!!!!