Thursday, January 29, 2009



1. Ew mr van was PMSING this morning! Ugh Whattta betch!!
2. Drew pictures =)
LUNCH. Talked stories? OO Yum! Chickn was so good!
3. Finished my career report. Bubble shooter 8)
4. Group numbah 2 bah! Hahah so fun! - What is tuberculosis?
AFTRSKU. Went manapuaaa. Watched color gaurd. .. Delicious motha fucka c(8 ... "Where'd the fuck you come from? Wow. Can't force myself, but i guess i should try :]" Me april noli n nikki walked to jeremy's house. So fun! Made videos n literally "LMAO" while watching the boys play pillow fight. Hid Blake's shoes. Poo'ting. haha Decided to go jayr's house. 'Mom can u pick me up' HAHHAHAA lol funnny.Then taco belll n home =)