Sunday, November 30, 2008


Haven't been updating this, fooreal! I know y! I got a piano >:D Hahha. Me n' Caelyn made this goal thing that we would try to get a piano by Black Friday! Hhahah yey! idunno if she got her's or what cos i never talk or see her, (or any of the girls) since fo evvva. ;( Hahah but yeah. I hardly go on myspace too, cos i been tweaking on my piano way too much! Rite now i'm learning how to play unfaithful n' take a bow! =) So funnn. Can't wait to take lessons! ^-^ LMAO Whatta' loser. N i just finished watching Pursuit of Happyness. Sooooo i dunno what the fuck else...

Be back laterrr.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving =)

Whaaaow! Never update for 2 days. Never realize til' now. haha. Happpy Thanksgiving :) & Happy birthday Anjanel!! Well, tonite i'm going to Kalihi for a thanksgiving party wit my mom's side, n' later going to Anjanels birthday party n thanksgiving party.

And Blackfridday is tomorrow. I don't even think i going shopping -_- So erking. N yesterdayyy I was on the city bus wit ver n my brother n like there were these intermediate kids talking about black friday, but they were like.. " Black day is coming up yeah? Gon get so much black people. I gon' be like Happpy black day!!" something lidddat. So dicks!!! Hahahaha.

Welllll I'm grateful for..
- Everyday of my life.
- Waking up this morning.. EVERY MORNING LOL
- My momm.
- Parentals for being n staying there for me, after all the bullshit n embarrassment i put them through. And for any upcoming shit that I will put them through.. lol
- Alll the people who love/care about me, n those who give uh shit.
- My past relationships, for showing me that i have the shit loads to learn about love.
- Schoool. My guide to successs.
- Allllll the hot guys in the world =)
AND last but not least, All the haters, for making me who i am today. =)
(more to come)

LOL. What are yyou grateful for?
Upadate later.

Monday, November 24, 2008





Wrong side of the bed.

Today was so not my day! Woke up late & found some fucken strangers sleeping in my fucking room. They got up and was just starring at me. What the helll. So I just idk, looked them back. They was my moms friends. Hahah one of em' tried killing herself lastnite. Whattttta' loser! na na so dicks. I'm just like her :) Lmao kidding.

Got to school just in time for 2nd period. N my mom was lecturing me about how she cares n worries about me but i don't even care about ne thing! So irritating. So when i got out of the car, i slammmed the door! :p hahahaaahhaa. Went to the humanity room, n sat wit caelyn and tracyGIRL. HAHA kidding! Watched some PSA's but oh my god! Caelyns irritating teacher didn't know how to work the damn thing! & she always sends me wweird stuff on teenbiz! Likeeee are you confused on who's your students or something?! HHAHAha. Sorrry caelyn! Ended up just talking stories the rest of the period. N speaking about PERIOD! -_- !!!!@?!?#@#@?$ My mom never like pick me up to go change So I gotta little pissy. N then on the way to D building.. someone kept calling me but wouldn't even talk!!! People kept asking me why i get my period again.. SHIT! IDUNNO!! ASK MY BODY!! Why would you even ask a question like that! OMG Sjhfsiodrf Then had to walk to G building for winterball bids, but april couldn't buy me one so i got even more irritateierkfsd. And when i went to buy it, the guy was just fucking ignoring me n skipping me! UGH. So i was just fucking tired of it all, I walked alll the way fucking home to go n change!! N' I ended up crrrying when i got in my rooom! OMG!!!!!!

After that. I made some hotdog musubi's ^_^ Deliccccious. Talked stories wit my aunty. ANd then she was nice enough to bring me back to school. [Never even bothered talking to my mom] Went to class about 30 mins. late. N' another class was in there because their AC Core teacher sucks!!! >;] Hahahhha. Watched vidddeo's, Talked to sheeela bout her WEIRD secrets! :P N' got a sore massage from davin. I saw somebadddy on my way to 4th. :D ^-^ So q-oote him! Hahah. N AGAIN, geraldine was here! >_<
Afterschool went to chasity's house, then to caelyns! It was funn! But too bad her neighbor had to go CCD! Chasity that lucky betch. ughuguhg. We can play wit him tomorrow yeah caelyn?! >;] hhahahha.. N Ewuhhh. WE WERE INVESTIGATING!! >:D bwHhahhahhahha. So0o0o MUCH ANIMATIONS!!! yuckk.

AND BITCH, I was done wit yooor ass first keh! So no even try. So sad you, how can you talk about your girlfriend like thatt u fucken dickk. You dunno how to treat ne one rite huh?! oh wells, stupid BIRD. HAHAHHA birds. BIRNARDI. Hahhasdhahahah so funnnnn e. Caelyn boipren. haha N nowww, I'm at home! :D

It's not just me okay?! Ask anybody.
Nobody knows the real you.. Everytime,.. There's always an alibi! You lie, or extend the truth. Just one question. Why's it so hard for you to be real n just tell the truth?

"To get respect is to give respect right?
So before you even give respect, Learn how to respect yourself first."

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Golden Route.

"Don't take shit from nobody. Never Back down.
Even if you get licked, Take the lickens!!
Then you'll earn their respect.

..Or you can Keep fighting till you win." :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So farrrr, My weekendd kinnna sucks. For some reason, i been spending more time wit my family than my friends. c(= hahhahaa. Lastnite went out to dinner AGAIN. zippys :D hahaaha. Mom never like me go out. So just stayed home. Made videos ;p Hahhaha. It was so0o windy n' cold too! When we were going home we seen like all the treee's fucking bending over kine shittt.. Helped mother clean the yard. at NITE?! lol SO FUNNNN & STINK! stayyyed up til like 1.

I woke up about 2 hours ago, it's 12:15am rite now n it's still kinna dim outside. And the rain just stoppped. =D Jeeez. It was so0o cold this morning. Watched part of 13 going on 30, but got distracted so i recorded it. People on myspace are so fucking irritating. I wish i never approved everyone!! >;[ hahah NOT RREALLY. But o my god. its scary having weird people commenting me.. constantly!! On toppa' that! my computers been slow lately! Ughhh. Oh yeah! my phone finnaally works!! All i had to do was turn it off n on. HAHHAHAHAAHHAHA! Wellllll i think i'm going out wit my mom today. HOPEFULLY. So for nowwww, idunno.

Be backkkk laters?

Friday, November 21, 2008

New kid in town.

BS. What's up wit guys now days? Or is it just my luck? I feel so stupid. I shoulda seen this coming. FOR THE SECOND TIME TOO!!! I'm never falling for your shit EVER AGAIN. How the helll can you just do that? I have fuckin feeelings too yeno. Alll you fucken' think about is yourself. You don't even stop to think about other people! You think saying IM SORRY is good enough? Everytime you screw up.. is that all you gon' do?! Your a fuckkin idiot. I fucking swear to God.

All your ever good at is playing wit girlss minds ya!? Shit. This is why i hate the whole fucking talking liking whatever shit process. Like it fucking works!! So dum. HAH shiiiit. All guys are the fucking same! Even just a small amount of boys, Represents ALL boys! Tell me not! Idk. It's like soo old already.. I don't even know why i bother! Your probably gonna come across this, n not even know that this shit goes out to you! I hope all this shit comes back atchu'.. Then tell me how you like it.


Don't talk to me.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More like Friday.

Yay!! 3 day weekend!! :D Went to ALL (emphasize the ALL) my classes this week!! So proud of maself. hahaha. Slowlyyy learning to love school! >;p Hm. Booo! Sub again for mr. ramiscals... n Booo! Geraldine never come school.. The seat behind me was empty half the class ;( lol. Afterschool was fun. Went to chas's house. Sang to If I were a boy, helllla crazy n loud for the entire neighborhooood. =)

Going to Genki sushi w/ my family soon! :D N then probably hit up the movies at 10ish w/caelyn chasity n aj. I hope Bird doesn't comee! I don't wanna be a Thirrrrrd wheeel. Hahahha.

& to da bradddas.
FACKKKK YOOOOO! :) love you(s).

-I will be bock.
EDIT: K. Just got back from eating dinner wit my family. It was fun seeing my mom eating there for the first time. Hahhaha. Ate till' i couldn't eat no more! >_< AND! Ended up not going out tonite. I dont care, wasnt even in the mood anymore neways! Your fulllla shit bitch!! I Hatechu'. So instead, we just gon go out tomorrow. or sometime this weekend! 3 days bebeh!! :) I been sober long time auready!!
Damnnn Miso Thirsttttteh! :]

Can't wait for tomorrow!! SHOPPPANG.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fo' reallllll.
you don't even know how much i want to. But i won't even bother trying ne more. Fuck you. Hate her. Diee togetherrr!!!! Hahhaha kidding. Marrrry, and make ugly babies! >=) Shitttttt. You guys were destined to be together anwayz!!!!!! Hahaahaha. Naa, this is stupidddddd!

Many more fishes in the sea!!!, Unless theyre in a fish bowl! =p

Screw the past!!! I'm livvin now!
No Games. No Hook ups. I want the real thang!!!.. Thank you very much!

Hellllo bloggers.

o0o hello blogspot!.. >;]
I'm here bitches! muwahahha

ne ways. Today was school wide writing day -_- I love the weather in the morning, but not so lovin' it afterwards!! Afterschool was fun. People came overrr my house. ^-^ chilled,. LITERALLY. It was so0o cold! Got a new wallpaper for my phone!? ugllly as fackkk!

THEN. idunno. too much confusion!. ;(
conscience getting in the way.
1 pulling me this way, n the other, that way!
hawh. stuck in a sticky situation here.