Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving =)

Whaaaow! Never update for 2 days. Never realize til' now. haha. Happpy Thanksgiving :) & Happy birthday Anjanel!! Well, tonite i'm going to Kalihi for a thanksgiving party wit my mom's side, n' later going to Anjanels birthday party n thanksgiving party.

And Blackfridday is tomorrow. I don't even think i going shopping -_- So erking. N yesterdayyy I was on the city bus wit ver n my brother n like there were these intermediate kids talking about black friday, but they were like.. " Black day is coming up yeah? Gon get so much black people. I gon' be like Happpy black day!!" something lidddat. So dicks!!! Hahahaha.

Welllll I'm grateful for..
- Everyday of my life.
- Waking up this morning.. EVERY MORNING LOL
- My momm.
- Parentals for being n staying there for me, after all the bullshit n embarrassment i put them through. And for any upcoming shit that I will put them through.. lol
- Alll the people who love/care about me, n those who give uh shit.
- My past relationships, for showing me that i have the shit loads to learn about love.
- Schoool. My guide to successs.
- Allllll the hot guys in the world =)
AND last but not least, All the haters, for making me who i am today. =)
(more to come)

LOL. What are yyou grateful for?
Upadate later.