Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gooood day.

o0o, He put his number in ma phone hahahhahaaaa
Yeee. Fashizzle. Magic hand. Lingo. Budha.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Allll day

Misssin' my baby Nickel.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

364 days I'm in hell..

..But not today... Yay!!
Finally Sweet Sixteen! :)

Thanks to those who greeted <3

Monday, February 16, 2009

9:26 PM

"3 HOURS & 24 MINUTES TO GO!" How cuteee. :D

Debating if i should call or not, lasted for about an hour!!! Hhahaha I know, I know. I'm crazy!
Right when i was about to grab my phone... omg omg omgggg! IT RINGS!
Damnnn nigga be blowin' up ma fone! Hahahhaaa.

Talking to a complete strangerrrr.
He talks so damn much.
Qualification blah blah blahh jasfjaslkdf Damn right your qualified!
Ouu, He cute.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Reminds us of Twilight!! :) Hahahaahahaa.
SO FUNNN! I was laughing for idk what reason! :) We learn how to work microscopes. "We need 1 Pipet" LMFAOOO. Hahahhaghagasfaagaghaha. N we were looking at anykine stuff! like.. noli's urrring, a piece of my skin.. april's hurr, napkin, the letter E, n a piece of eraser! haha so gross! fun fun fun funnnnnn!

Yayyyyy going Chuck E. Cheese later on =)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Lastnite was one of the most boring nite of my lifeeee!
Not even worthing talkin about.... Haaa ha.

Sorry guys!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Earlllay birday today =)
-Walked to school wit my cuzoo lindsey. "Oh watch out.. Miss gorgeous comin through" Hahah ;p N there was some kine of fite?! lol idkkk.
1. Catch up day. WOW. Made top 5 of the classsss betch! (Just for now til' i fuck up later in the term) talked to Tracy girl, lorenzzzo n branden. So fun. Talked about random stufff. haha. Did i mention that it was fun?! HA HAaaaa
2. Yayyy never read today. Just did a crossword puzzle for our test tmrw. 'This is the only classs that i have a B in rite now -_-
LUNCH. Why they can do em but i cannot! So erking. hehe.. love you caelyn! played wit mirrors. wit my girlfranssss.
3. Like i promised myself, I didn't play any games til' after i was done ;] Did allll my refuckenflections.
4. Fucken chas n noli never come school! N April left me at 1;50?, to go doctors. So it was me n jayr! LOL AWWWK-WARD 2 MINUTES MOMENT! N then Alex n Vincent came. "How do you get virus's anyways? - Surfin' da web aaaskdjfkd" LOL So funnnny ahaha. EWWW! ALEX WAS TELLIN --- I MEAN, YELLING OUT THAT HE HAD TO TAKE A FUCKEN DUMP!! HAHAHA WHATTTA DUMMY!!! N talked about someone wanting to sleepover my house?! LOL WTFCUKKKKKkk. So creeepy. N talked about Jayr's party. But they never get to the poiint?! LOL fuckerrrrs. N Cj betch SHAADAPP!
AFTRSKU. Went straight home just like yesterday... =)
Coookin me n my brada some fried chickkkkken.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If I Had -Eminem

What is life?
Life is like a big obstacle
put in front of your optical to slow you down
And everytime you think you gotten past it
it's gonna come back around and tackle you to the damn ground

What are friends?
Friends are people that you think are your friends
But they really your enemies, with secret indentities
and disguises, to hide they true colors
So just when you think you close enough to be brothers
they wanna come back and cut your throat when you ain't lookin

What is money?
Money is what makes a man act funny
Money is the root of all evil
Money'll make them same friends come back around
swearing that they was always down

Tuesday, February 3, 2009





Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy birthday papa!!

Awwwh.. just got off the phone wit my grandpa from the PI. I misss him. He sounded so cute n' happpy! LOL

"How old are you now?.. -I'm 84 now -Oh.. your still young yeah?"
"How old are you now papa.. 25?!" Hahahah

:) Can't wait to see him agaain.. December 2010