Thursday, February 5, 2009


Earlllay birday today =)
-Walked to school wit my cuzoo lindsey. "Oh watch out.. Miss gorgeous comin through" Hahah ;p N there was some kine of fite?! lol idkkk.
1. Catch up day. WOW. Made top 5 of the classsss betch! (Just for now til' i fuck up later in the term) talked to Tracy girl, lorenzzzo n branden. So fun. Talked about random stufff. haha. Did i mention that it was fun?! HA HAaaaa
2. Yayyy never read today. Just did a crossword puzzle for our test tmrw. 'This is the only classs that i have a B in rite now -_-
LUNCH. Why they can do em but i cannot! So erking. hehe.. love you caelyn! played wit mirrors. wit my girlfranssss.
3. Like i promised myself, I didn't play any games til' after i was done ;] Did allll my refuckenflections.
4. Fucken chas n noli never come school! N April left me at 1;50?, to go doctors. So it was me n jayr! LOL AWWWK-WARD 2 MINUTES MOMENT! N then Alex n Vincent came. "How do you get virus's anyways? - Surfin' da web aaaskdjfkd" LOL So funnnny ahaha. EWWW! ALEX WAS TELLIN --- I MEAN, YELLING OUT THAT HE HAD TO TAKE A FUCKEN DUMP!! HAHAHA WHATTTA DUMMY!!! N talked about someone wanting to sleepover my house?! LOL WTFCUKKKKKkk. So creeepy. N talked about Jayr's party. But they never get to the poiint?! LOL fuckerrrrs. N Cj betch SHAADAPP!
AFTRSKU. Went straight home just like yesterday... =)
Coookin me n my brada some fried chickkkkken.