Thursday, November 20, 2008

More like Friday.

Yay!! 3 day weekend!! :D Went to ALL (emphasize the ALL) my classes this week!! So proud of maself. hahaha. Slowlyyy learning to love school! >;p Hm. Booo! Sub again for mr. ramiscals... n Booo! Geraldine never come school.. The seat behind me was empty half the class ;( lol. Afterschool was fun. Went to chas's house. Sang to If I were a boy, helllla crazy n loud for the entire neighborhooood. =)

Going to Genki sushi w/ my family soon! :D N then probably hit up the movies at 10ish w/caelyn chasity n aj. I hope Bird doesn't comee! I don't wanna be a Thirrrrrd wheeel. Hahahha.

& to da bradddas.
FACKKKK YOOOOO! :) love you(s).

-I will be bock.
EDIT: K. Just got back from eating dinner wit my family. It was fun seeing my mom eating there for the first time. Hahhaha. Ate till' i couldn't eat no more! >_< AND! Ended up not going out tonite. I dont care, wasnt even in the mood anymore neways! Your fulllla shit bitch!! I Hatechu'. So instead, we just gon go out tomorrow. or sometime this weekend! 3 days bebeh!! :) I been sober long time auready!!
Damnnn Miso Thirsttttteh! :]

Can't wait for tomorrow!! SHOPPPANG.