Saturday, November 22, 2008


So farrrr, My weekendd kinnna sucks. For some reason, i been spending more time wit my family than my friends. c(= hahhahaa. Lastnite went out to dinner AGAIN. zippys :D hahaaha. Mom never like me go out. So just stayed home. Made videos ;p Hahhaha. It was so0o windy n' cold too! When we were going home we seen like all the treee's fucking bending over kine shittt.. Helped mother clean the yard. at NITE?! lol SO FUNNNN & STINK! stayyyed up til like 1.

I woke up about 2 hours ago, it's 12:15am rite now n it's still kinna dim outside. And the rain just stoppped. =D Jeeez. It was so0o cold this morning. Watched part of 13 going on 30, but got distracted so i recorded it. People on myspace are so fucking irritating. I wish i never approved everyone!! >;[ hahah NOT RREALLY. But o my god. its scary having weird people commenting me.. constantly!! On toppa' that! my computers been slow lately! Ughhh. Oh yeah! my phone finnaally works!! All i had to do was turn it off n on. HAHHAHAHAAHHAHA! Wellllll i think i'm going out wit my mom today. HOPEFULLY. So for nowwww, idunno.

Be backkkk laters?