Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whatta relief!

Ugh. Old habits are comin' back. Went to school late. But thanks, Jesse for the ridee! =D Hahahahaa.

Algebra/Yeah. I fuckin failed alg. -_- So what. hah Worked wit Tracy n lorenz0. lol.

English/ Did our vocabulary thing. Hah i feel happy. I finished it for the first time ever! hahahaaa. Talked to tracy n meghan for a lil while. Told tracy to buy me food from the manapua.

Lunch/ Went straight to Mr. Yamashiro's office to switch my classes! YAY. Misohappy. After 2 days.. i hated Ms. Thomas's class already! So i switched to Komm. Bitch was ackin alll salty. Jeeez. "See you today!!!" BETCH. -Awwh. Chas never come schooool

Adv Guidance/ I miss everyone that was in mr. ramiscal's... Now it's just me davin n victorialyn! hahahaa. Tooook some l00ng ass quiz! Played my parking-lot game n' bubble shooter! So funnnnn. Mr. delos reyes is so coool. haha. o0o my bf was texting me =) LOL KIDDING. Meghan tracy n i ate our manapua. Rained super fucken hard or like a minute khhaaasdfdfljaskf. hahahahaaa.

Biology/ Ahhhh! Was getttin' nervous! But it turned out fucken way better than i expected! Sat at the coolest table ever. lol SAFUNNNNN! I don't even miss my old biology classss! >;p

Afterschool/ went to subway wit caelyn, den went to her house talked stories. den my sister n mom came to pick me up. o0o chad! HAhahaaaa.