Monday, January 19, 2009

Awwh, Family bonding..

Lastnight was fun! Went to the 5 o' clock mass at OLPH wit my family! It's beeen soo long since we last went. -_- I saw Brandayyy Nolaaay n Geraldaaayne! But i don't think geraldine saw me! Lol. After that we went to dinner at a fucken poor serviced chinese restuarant. Funny Fortunes! Haha.

Around 8:30 went Bowling at SchoField. Yayyy! Cosmic bowling! It wasss fun. Played 3 games. I never know my dad was THAT good. He made like 5 strikes in a row!! hahahaahahahah. Even my mom! she beat me! ahhahah!

We got home around 11. My sister Gee, re-pierced my ear! Fuckkken shit hurt like a betch! lololol. Helped my other sister Gen pack. N then i ended up piercing her ear! LOL at 230 we TRIED to go sleeep. But nooo. Our ear hurted like fuck. Had to wake up at 5 too! -_- "Does your ear have a heartbeat?"

They Woke me up at 530. Went to zippy's then headed to the airport! God dammmmn! It was like 50 something degrees! It was so cold.. Talked stories till she had to go in. We saw Dog the Bounty Hunter's son, Leland. Ewwwww. He looks so0oo much older! N his hair is fucken loooooong! My mom so embarasssing. She was yelllin out "leileens" Something liddat!!! But i told her his name was jacob.. It was so funnNYnNYnYYy! Hahahahha. It's a 'You had to be there kinda thing'. lol The rideee home was so sad! My sister was texting me, n i ended up crying.. ;( I misss her already! But Yayy! We're gonna see her in March or May. ^-^

Ehwhwghwgh. its like frickennnn 9 in the morning! I'm supposed to be sleeeping! Hahhaahh. I'm gonna go upload pics and go back sleep.