Monday, January 26, 2009

Ew Genki.

1. As always, Math was boring. Worked w/ tracy n lorenzo. N talked to branden n josh.
2. Eng. Read Speak again. Almost feel asleep... Again! Hahahhaa
LUNCH. Cold as Hellllll! Heated up some Pizza Rolls, N it started to rain -_- Planned to color my hair. LOL
3. Adv Gui. typed out an essay.
4. Bio. Favorite classsss! Didn't really do nothing but write. lol.

AftrSchl. -
Ugh. Genki piss me the fuck off. BITCHES! After all that fucken rip off n' bullshit went to Zach's house. Hahahahah how cute!.. G n Z ;) <3 lol jk. So funnnnnnn. Just got home. Hellllla tired. Gonna shower then sleep.