Sunday, January 4, 2009


Went to Ala moana wid my sisters n brada. Browsed around. Ate at the food court. OMG there was this weird stink guy! He tried talking to me! O_O I think he was on something or some shit! So fucken scurrrry Hahahaha. Krippppning! After that, headed to Wards to watch Marley & Me! Cute movie! Loveeee it. Everyboddyyy ended up balllin! Even the guy next to mee!! Was so funny. I swore he cried more than me!!! HAHA. You could here everyone sniffing up their tears. or whateverrr. The movie reminded us of our dog Blackyyy! So saddd. LOL Dog lovers - Must Seeeee. :) *Cough cough* *CAELYN*. Supposed to eat at Menchi's but we forgot! LOL Now i waiting for my fajaahhhh to get home n go sleep so i can go PI. :P HOPEFULLY!