Thursday, December 11, 2008


Whaowwww. It's been raining all day today. So like everyone else.. ended up not going to school :) Stayed home all day (like there was nething to do).. tweaked on twilight! ♥_♥ boredum. N lucky meee, i get a 5 day weekend!! No school tomorrow either!!! Hah. I have some business to take care of. IM SO SCAREDTHOUGH! :( Idunno what to dfj sdjf AHHH. But i'm happy that i'm finallly getting this bs over n' done with. :) Then i can be freeeee!!! LOL. I wannna start 09 fresh! I wanna change. Seriously!!

Kae so after that, mother n i are probably gonna go look for my winterball dress, n watever else i neeed for this weekend!!A@#@.