Friday, December 19, 2008

My time of the month. LOL

Never update this shit for so0o long. wellll, today's LAST DAY. Decided not to goo. No school till' January 2OO9!!! :D Yay, a brand New Year. This weekend gon' be so busy. Winterball's just around the corner! so excitted!!!!! But i still needa get my nails done and get sandals. AND Christmas shoppping!! HHAHA PROCRASTINATION!.. Needa save up m$ney if i wanna 'yekkkkkkno' (yeah chas?)
N my sister's coming back on sunday n my dad on tuesday!!! =D CANT WAIT.

(to my previous post)
(dec12) my 'meeting' was okay. better than what i expected! cried A LOT though. After, that i got my dress. Supposed to pick it up on wed/thurs but the lady said the stupid shipment shit got delayed! So fucking irrrrritating! But i think my sisters gonna pick it up today. If not, on Sat. -_- (dec 13) Krystallllll n i, went to brysen n byran's video shoot thingy. it was so0o fun! BACK OFF KRYSTAL! HE'S MINE!!!! >=)