Friday, December 5, 2008


Helllo. I'm in 3rd period rite now. We have a free time thing i guess.   Well not really. Were just doing whatever we like cos we get sub. Hahhhaha. Hm.. Davin is listening to his ipod. LUCKY. lol. Tori is watching Lainka. Jas is on blogspot like me :D N sheela n chanel went to the manapua. Cos they FAT!!!! Hahahha jk. Lozzzahs.  ummmmuh. We have a fair today in the gym! YAY. finallly SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Ew Davin is singing TSHIRT?! SO GAY. hahhaahhaa.

The class is so QUITE. N my music is so0o loud, the SUB DONT EVEN CARE.
"WORK ON OUR SCRIPT," said Davin.

okay bbl.